List of qualified for the semi-finals

It’s time to announce the list of guitarists qualified to participate in the competition.

From among dozens of applications from all over the world the selection commitee has chosen 12 musicians from USA, China, Brasil, Israel, Portugal and Poland.
The list of semifinalists:
  • Silverman Raphael
  • Mendez-Guevara Favian
  • Li Kurtis
  • Krawiec Paweł
  • Zito James
  • Nascimento Ismael
  • Niceberg Ohad
  • Malinowski Konrad
  • Manasterski Aleksander
  • Ludwiczuk Błażej
  • Saldanha Mateus
  • Turner Ben 
See you in Krakow, 19th-22nd October!