Official Rules of the 5th International Jarek Smietana Jazz Guitar Competition, Krakow, October 19th-22nd 2023

1. General Information

The 5th International Jarek Śmietana Jazz Guitar Competition is organized by My Polish Heart

Foundation. The competition is intended for guitarists of all nationalities, up to 35 years

old, performing jazz and music genres related to improvised music. The organizers accept

all types of guitars, including acoustic and electric instruments. The Competition will be held

every two years.

2. Applications

Applications for the Competition are accepted by the Organiser based on a carefully completed

application form available on the Organiser’s website, Application Form tab.

Competitors should also enclose:

- a brief biography of the candidate in the English language (max. 1500 characters)

- two images of the candidate (good quality, at least 1 MB)

- recordings of 3 songs, including 2 audio files in mp3 format and one video file in mov, avi, mp4,

wmv format (none of the files can exceed a volume of 10 MB). The video can also be sent in the

form of a link to youtube or vimeo. Each of the submitted works should not exceed 10 minutes

and should present the candidate in a representative way.

- confirmation of bank transfer for application to the contest.

A complete application must be submitted via the Application Form no later than by August

15th 2023. All candidates will be informed about the results of the elimination by September 5th


Candidates are obliged to pay a fee in the amount of 30 EURO or 34 USD or 130 PLN.

After the announcement of the results of the pre-elimination, the Candidates qualified to

the competition in Krakow must pay an additional charge in the amount of 30 EURO.

Lack of payment excludes the Candidate from participation in all stages of auditions.

The fees can be paid to the following accounts in the selected currency:

Bank account in PLN:

Account no. in PLN: 82 1160 2202 0000 0002 7693 1515

Bank account in EUR:

Account no. in EUR, IBAN: PL 82 1160 2202 0000 0001 6679 1701


Bank account in USD:

Account no. in USD, IBAN: PL15 1160 2202 0000 0002 7476 4189


Name and address of Organizer: My Polish Heart Foundation, Karmelicka 52/1, 31-128 Kraków,

Poland Bank’s name: Bank Millenium, Szlak str. 50, 31-153 Kraków

Qualification fee is non-returnable.

3. Repertoire requirements

The Organiser does not set any repertoire requirements at the stage of online application.

Candidates qualified to semi-finals are obliged to present the following programme:

a. Any composition of Jarek Śmietana selected by the candidate;

b. Two freely selected tracks – possible compositions of the candidate.

Candidates qualified to the finals are obliged to present the following programme:

a. Any composition of Jarek Śmietana selected by the candidate (other than presented during

semi-final auditions)

b. Two freely selected tracks – possible compositions of the candidate.

The Organiser allows performing solo. The participants are required to perform all other

compositions with the same rhythm section provided by the Organiser (bass guitar / double bass

+ drums). The Organiser does not allow performance with recorded instrumental backing

(playback, half playback, sampling, etc.).

The duration of the audition during the semi-finals and finals for each candidate is at most 30


The Organiser permits performing one solo composition during the semi-finals and one solo

composition during the finals.

ATTENTION!!! The songs selected by the candidates to be performed in the semi-finals and

finals can not be repeated.

4. Awards

The Organiser establishes three awards:

1st place – PLN 15,000

2nd place – PLN 7,500

3rd place – PLN 5,000

The jury of the competition decides about the final distribution of the awards. It is the

responsibility of the winners to take part in the final concert (October 22nd, 2023). Failure to do

so is tantamount to violation of the Official Rules of the Competition and will result in exclusion

therefrom and taking the award away from the participant.

According to the Polish legislation, the Organiser is obliged to pay prize tax in the amount of


5. Auditions

Semi-final auditions will take place on 19th October and on 20th October 2023 in Krakow. The

final performances, for which the jury will qualify six guitarists, will take place on 21st October

2023 in Krakow. The order of performances will be determined randomly and announced prior to

the semi-finals commencement. All auditions will be open to the audience.

6. Scores

Scores of the candidates qualified for auditions in Krakow should be sent to the Competition

Organiser within a non-negotiable deadline of October 6th 2023 to the address Sheet music with titles and names of composers should include

suggestions concerning performance and basic notation (melody and harmonic outline), as well

as exemplary MP3 recordings of the candidates (applies to the compositions of candidates).

Failure to do so will result in the exclusion of a candidate from the Competition.

7. Organiser’s Obligations

The Organiser provides a concert hall with a full sound system, lighting and technical support.

The Organiser provides a rhythm section composed of double bass / bass guitar, drums, with

which the candidates qualified to the Competition will be able to rehearse before each


All participants of the Competition will be performing with the same rhythm section.

Transportation, accommodation and insurance expenses are covered by the candidate.

8. Final Provisions

Before the commencement of the Competition, all candidates will be bound by an agreement

with the Organiser.

The Organiser will record all competition presentations in audio / video format and reserves the

right to unrestricted use thereof in order to promote to Competition. The winners selected by the

jury consent to free television, radio and online broadcast of all stages of the auditions, including

the gala concert on 22nd of October 2023. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the

Competition without giving reasons. Decisions made by the jury during all stages of the

Competition shall be final and irrevocable. The final interpretation of the provisions of the Official

Rules belongs to the Organiser of the International Jarek Śmietana Jazz Guitar Competition.